What is Functional Medicine?

WHat is functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a wholebody systems approach to health and wellness.  It works to find the root cause of dysfunction in the body by focusing on the specific symptoms you’re experiencing, addressing the interconnectedness of these symptoms, and laboratory testing not typically found in traditional medicine.  Through these processes, I can better understand your cellular biology, hormonal imbalances, detoxification pathways, and stress response.  This information allows me to put together a personalized wellness plan to get you back on the path toward health and vitality.  And we do it all without pharmaceuticals!


WHat is health coaching?

As a health coach, I will review your thorough health history, current diagnoses and symptoms, life stressors, spirituality, sleep habits, and medications before putting together a plan individualized to you and your body’s needs.  Your plan will address environmental exposures, food sensitivities and choices, nutrient deficiencies, exercise habits, and sleep hygiene specific to your biochemical needs.  Supplements may also be recommended to replenish vitamin and mineral deficiencies and support the body as it begins to heal itself.  We will work together at frequent appointments and adjust the plan as necessary to continue your success and journey toward health.

What Symptoms Are addressed?

Weight Gain


Depression and Anxiety

Gi Problems

Female Hormone Imbalances

Skin Issues

These too!

Autoimmune disorders


Fertility Issues

Headaches and Migraines


Brain Fog

Do any of these issues Affect you?

Are you ready to work with me toward regaining your health

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