"For several years, I have struggled with digestive issues, fatigue, and difficulty with weight loss. I kept making changes to my lifestyle and diet, but I never saw a difference. Tanja took the time to help me understand and answer my many questions, as well as give suggestions that had immediate improvements in my daily life. I no longer struggle with the symptoms that have been an issue for so long. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has a desire to understand the root causes of issues, and how to address them in a healthy way."

Angie M.

"I had been in and out of the hospital for over 4 months with undiagnosed pain in my abdomen, severe weight loss, and a multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms. She shared her expertise (which is extensive!), showed me the changes to make, and challenged me to stay on track. Within the first two weeks I saw improvement – something the 8+ medications I had been prescribed were unable to accomplish. She was always able to answer my questions, and filled in many of the information gaps the doctors had left me with. Within 2 months, my pain was gone and all of the other symptoms had been reduced by nearly 75%. 

 Tanja has given me the tools and knowledge I need to have the kind of health I want. Whether you’re at a low point in your health like I was, or just want to create a healthier version of yourself – I highly recommend Tanja!"

David R.

"Tanja knows her stuff and was very helpful! Highly recommend!"

Jennifer F.

"In the three short months I've worked with Tanja I've had incredible changes in my health! She really listens and cares about your overall health. I can't recommend her enough!"

Amanda G.