About Me

Hi! I am Tanja Barco, a functional medicine practitioner and health and wellness virtual consultant.

I began my journey by getting my master’s degree from The Ohio State University and practicing as a family nurse practitioner for the past ten (plus) years. I had always been fascinated by the human body and wanted to help others find and regain their health, so what better way?! Little did I know how daunting a task this truly was.

I continued to become more and more frustrated with the help, or lack thereof, I was giving to others in this traditional role. There always seemed to be another pill at the end of that symptom, but never a real solution. Then, I found functional medicine and my trajectory was forever changed. Functional Medicine allows me the avenues to find the true root cause of health issues. And, it provides the pathways back to health, too! I have been trained and certified in these modalities from the Institute for Functional Medicine, The Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine, and The School of Applied Functional Medicine.  I am also a certified health and wellness coach through WellCoaches.

As a functional medicine practitioner and health and wellness consultant, I am able to help others get back on the path toward wellness. For those ready, we will use the latest advancements in laboratory testing to uncover the underlying dysfunction in your body. A personalized plan is put together for you based on your health concerns and lab results. We work together to get you back on the path toward health, wellness, and living a vibrant life!

If you’re ready to work with me, sign up for a free 20 minute consultation!